Our project: Storytelling and Experiences

Magic Mountains is a nonprofit project for the development of the naturale and cultural heritage of the Sibylline Mountains National Park

A project to rediscover the value of fantastic legends and myths set in these “magic mountains” through the work of artists, scholars, contributors. Fostering new interest, reconnecting people and promoting a “slower” sustainable and cultural approach to the National Park.

Magic Mountains  is a multi-platform project, aiming to inspire new international audiences discovering the Sibillini Mountains,  producing content and digital storytelling  in order to create awareness  and organizing live experiences  to encourage them exploring  this land in different seasons.



A free Immersive Exhibition, in Rome, Italy MAXXI Museum. 

An experiential installation with a modular and sustainable design format  with Immersive Video projections and 3D Audio. 

Featuring in the Exhibition: 

  • SoundDesign project “the Sounds of the Sibyllines”
  • Original multi-artist / UGC photographic project  “The Magic of Sybillines”. 
  • Illustrated Book for kids and grown up kids  “Sibillini Tales”. 
  • Book-catalogue with a Biography of in-depth studies on the “Myth of the Sibyl”

Language: italian / English  


A new format for slow and sustainable guided hiking tours for the Sibillini Mountain National Park, to be developed over the next years and in different seasons. 

Magic Mountains will offer a nonprofit support program coordinating new Experiences offered and managed by new independent Storyteller Guides in the Park, promoting the use of the free Web App. 

Our Guides , both keen storytellers and mountain lovers, will take small groups of 10-20 people (different level and age) on medium to easy hiking routes, introducing the world of fantastic stories and legends of the Sibyllines during the walk, supervised by official National Park guides.